Reincarnation and what keeps us going

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Re: Reincarnation and what keeps us going

Post  Fermin Liu on Sun Jun 07, 2009 10:44 pm

Well, I guess living the life of a mosquito will have its ups and downs(if you think hard enough, though I would be the first ever acrophobic mosquito), but I would prefer not to die by getting electrocuted by those tennis-racket-looking-mosquito-killing thing or getting slammed into a wall. Very Happy It would be nice to be some kind of aquatic mammal though; it would be a nice change of scenery.

To Angel and Hannah:

What you guys said about reincarnating into a mosquito (although many people would agree that it is problably undesirable) is the opinion of the ego-mind. Very Happy On the nonlocal domain where the exchange of energy is constant and everything is correlated (interconnectivity) which results in infinite potential, even a mosquito or an ant is important. Like human beings, mosquitoes are also entitled to infinite potential, and if we think about the ego-mind being a detriment of human beings, then isn't it better to be a mosquito who might actually be more in tuned with essence and nature because it does not have technology and science to restrict its potential. Very Happy

I'm not saying that mosquitoes don't live in societies with rules--because they problably do and have the constant pressure of trying to survive and competiting against other mosquitoes--but that is just part of being an organism. Any living organism with a brain can think (even the ones without a brain like trees can still feel), but with a brain comes thoughts, which may mean the ego-mind--a barrier between the individual being and the Universal Being. Smile

However, thinking beyond the physical boundaries of the body, mosquitoes also have the same energy as humans do being part of the energy soup of infinite potential. The only difference is a difference in frequencies. Thus, is there really a difference between being a mosquito and being a human being? Sure, on the physical plane, human beings are obviously stronger--killing mosquitoes off like they don't mean anything--but what is the point of having physical and technological power if one is not happy? Human beings live longer as physical bodies, but does that mean that we have the better end of the deal? Is life really better than death? Isn't death still life on the nonlocal domain? Thus, isn't being a mosquito better because it dies faster and can then connect with the Universal Being faster and more directly when it has died?

Looking BEYOND the physical and superficial things that are so important to our ego-minds like the duration of our lives or any materialistic things, mosquitoes, humans, and any other things in the world are all the same. We are all essentially energy (not composed of energy but just that we ARE energy because we are NOT our physical bodies) with the same place in the nonlocal domain of pure energy. Just because we are bigger than mosquitoes physically, it doesn't mean that we will be bigger and stronger than them on the energy level. As energy, we are all EQUALS, the SAME, with all the potential infinity can offer. Very Happy

Do you mean that it is a circle in the way that it is transforming and transferring, yet not a circle because our energies are on the nonlocal demension and therefore no return to the begging (of a circle) is needed? Hmm.. maybe its a spiral, in the way that the transforming and transferring occurs in some sort of a pattern (birth-->life-->death-->??), but it is not exactily the same, therefore it can't be the same circle/cycle.

I think that it is only a cycle on the physical domain: we are born, we live, we die, we are reborn. Yet, on the nonlocal domain where ANYTHING is possible, we, as energy, are simply exercising our potential. So, even though we may have changed our physical appearances and the frequencies of our energy to fit the physique, essentially, as pure potential and energy, we have not changed. Very Happy We have not gone beyond our possibilites, we have not stepped outside the energy soup of infinite potential, because that would be IMPOSSIBLE in a domain where everything is POSSIBLE. Laughing

A very simply analogy can be used to understand how even though our energy and physical bodies are transformed, our essence ultimately remains the same. Think about a woman. A woman is a daughter to her parents, a mother to her children, a wife to her husband, and a colleague to her co-workers. These are all her different roles and more. Very Happy In the same way, we have INFINITE potential, thus, we have all the roles in the world. In one life, we can be a kid, a parent, a student, a colleague, an employee, a boss, etc. In another life, we can be a prey, a predetor, a parent, an offspring, etc. Yet, because time does not really exist, we are what we were and what we will be. In that sense, we are what we 'were and will be' in our 'past and future' lives. This means that we are simply assuming different roles in relation to everyone else, but esentially, our energy's identity remains the SAME. We are still energy that is interconnected and has infinite potential. Very Happy
Fermin Liu

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Re: Reincarnation and what keeps us going

Post  Angela on Sun Jun 07, 2009 10:59 pm

Heyy this was from your post on Friday =)

"I don't believe our lives are solely 'personal' journeys', but rather they are experiences which contribute to our combined spiritual development."

After reading this quote, I get a feeling that is referring to individuality versus the oneness and wholeness of our souls and spiritual Being. On our journey of life, we do not travel alone, because we are actually spiritually connected and our energies are intermingling – as your previous discussion talked about. In life, everyone travels different and unique paths that allow them to experience and grow. This growth is not limited to anyone because our Beings possess unlimited potential. These separate experiences and chances that life offer us to grow and bring out change indeed contribute to our spiritual development as a whole. What I mean by that is that life gives us many chances to act and to bring out change, it just depends on how we approach these “chances” and how we act. Therefore, perhaps we, as individual yet interconnected beings, are able to raise a higher awareness of our soul and the universal connectivity of our Beings. This kind of relates back to the Al Gore speech. If we take action to bring out change, collectively, then everyone human being – with unlimited potential - can indeed experience the power of the our spirit and experience a deeper inner growth =)

To your post yesterday =)

"everything is connected - we are all connected to each other and our vibrations affect those around us, like musical notes that all begin to harmonize to a single pitch"

Everything is connected…in spirit and energy. We all exist as part of the Universal Being, a unique puzzle piece of the whole. Our energies are always and will forever be intermingling and interacting. We are made up of energy and therefore vibrations do affect those around us. A happy and jumpy person’s energy vibrations simply wouldn’t be the same as a gloomy and miserable person. I think everone has experienced this feeling before. Interacting with some people allows you to feel happy and comfortable, but with others it may be different. Remember in class how Ms. Kay said random peoples names and the class responded differently? Yup =)
“like musical notes that all being to harmonize to a single pitch”…I like that =D
Every note holds its own significance and contributes to the piece of music in its own distinct way. A piece of music wouldn’t be able to create a harmonizing melody with only one note. It is the interaction of the different notes and the general feeling that the notes collectively send out. =) great analogy to your topic!!

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